LoveNikki -- Mobile game
Althea --2 Player VR Game(Oculus)
Workfam Co.   VR GAME (VIVE)
Workfam Co. is a vive game.
AR Puzzle Game (Hololens)
The Guardian is a hololens game. Player acts as angel to guide the little ghost to the heaven
Maestro -- VR Game (VIVE)
2018 Global Game Jam--2 Player XBox
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Websites & APP

Nikki Website
CMU CS Academy
Music Website
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​Hello!I'm Yvette.

I'm a creative designer & a game maker.


I have a mixed background in tech, art, and psychology, and a passion for gamifying things and making them joyful, artistically attractive and fun to use.

Feel free to check out my resume and contact me!