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Google Assistant driven cocktail hour experience


In the fall of 2018, I got the opportunity to work with Google Experience Studio to discover new ways to apply Voice Assistant driven experiences in Google Experience Centers.

With the help of the design and develop team, we made our final deliverable: Toaster Master. It is an Assistant driven cocktail hour experience, meant to showcase Google Assistant’s accessibility and versatility.


Sep 2018 - Dec 2018
(16 weeks)


Google Experience Center

Team Size : 6


UI/UX Design

Graphic Design

Front end

Motion Graphics






Animation CC

After Effects

Background Rearch


Google Experience Center

We were invited to take an in-depth tour of Google Experience Center and learned how they engage their guests.


Voice Assistant Interaction

We tried out existing voice games and google assistants interaction and get a lot of inspirtaions!

Romescale .png

Room Scale Experience

Our Research covers from Google’s room-scale experiences to smaller interactive demos

background research

Here's the experience map we made based on our clients' current schedule.

Experience Mapping.png

We then pitched and discussed several concepts with the client, and we all agreed to choose the cocktail hour because It fits into the existing day with the least disruption and encouraged the most social interaction between guests.

user research

User Research

To better understand our target audience, we conducted an online and off-line survey with business-minded professionals and then had an in-depth interview with 4 candidates to learn more about their taste on drinks, how tech-savvy they are and how they usually interact with bartenders.

Persona ​made by


We went through brainstorming and decided to use AI to recommend cocktails based on their personal interest.  From our client, we learned that guests' top 3 topics are music, movies, and sports. so our first attempt is to use their favorite movie to generate drinks recipes.

drink match movie.png

After playtesting, we found that the conversation about the movie topic + drink matching was disconnected.  we reliazed it's important the conversation makes sense and guests feel good about the drink they’re getting.

drink movie.png

I then suggested taking advantage of the Barnum Effect, creating sets of BuzzFeed style personality quiz questions to match our selected drinks. Where respondents ascribe high accuracy ratings to positive statements they think are tailored to them, but are actually generalizations that could be applied to many

drinking match.png


Copy of Table Lights_Cocktail Color

Interior Design

We designed the interior and colorful light interaction to attract our guest. Tera took care this part.

portfolio bannersGoogle .jpg

Interface Design

We created visuals & friendly UI to facilitate the whole experience, made them intuitive and delightful/


VUI Design

We designed dialogues and assistant personality, we even build her own voice with the help of Google team.


For prototyping our product, I was mainly in charge of the interface design. I choose to use simple and elegant elements with well-designed animation to convey the idea of delightful. I also created illustrations to help guests understand the context and optimize the touchable UI that gives extra accessibility to this experience.

user testig

User Testing

User Testing 1.png
User Testing 2.png

User testing is crucial to shaping an engaging experience, so we take it seriously. As soon as we narrowed down our design, we started playtesting rapidly for around seven testers per week.

By observing their reactions and comments, we kept iterating our prototype and making it more delightful and easier to understand. Here're some insights that made a massive change to our final product.



Assistant's own voice makes a huge difference


Drink was the correct conclusion


Enviorment setting helps a lot

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